Filing FAA Flight Plans

This feature adds tremendous convenience to the flight planning process.

NOTE See Creating a Provider Account for information about setting up an account with CSC DUATS and DTC DUAT.

Uploading and Filing a Flight Plan

To upload a flight plan to CSC DUATS or DTC DUAT:

  1. Click the Weather tab, and select File FAA Flight Plan in the Weather Types dialog box.

Your flight plan information is already filled in, based on the route you have planned in JIFP.

  1. Check the information before submitting the flight plan to DUATS/DUAT. To edit a field, click inside it, or TAB (SHIFT+TAB). If you want to file without creating a route in JIFP, type in the information for all fields.

TIP If you fly VFR but need to file an IFR-like flight plan to fly into, out of, or through an ADIZ, designate the cruising altitude as VFR/altitude.

Follow this with your cruise altitude (example: VFR/050, VFR/110). 5000 feet is entered as 050; 11000 feet is entered as 110. To change the altitude format, we recommend that you change it in the Flight Plan.

  1. When you have finished editing the flight plan, click OK. To make further changes before submitting the flight plan, double-click File FAA Flight Plan in the Weather Types dialog box. This re-opens the flight plan form for further editing.

  1. When you are finished editing the flight plan, click Connect in the Weather Types dialog to file the flight plan with DUAT/DUATS.

CSC DUATS and DTC DUAT are strict about the format of data uploaded in a flight plan. If you receive errors while uploading your flight plan, check where DUATS/DUAT stops and prompts you to enter a piece of information. Your aircraft model and color must be values that DUATS accepts. See Formatting DUATS Flight plans for lists of accepted codes and additional information on Flight Plan Formats.

Canceling a Flight Plan

To cancel a flight plan:

  1. Click Cancel Flight Plan from the Weather Types dialog box.

  2. Enter the registration number of the aircraft for which you are canceling a flight plan, and click OK.

  1. Click the Connect button to connect to the DUAT Service.

  2. JIFP connects to DUATS/DUAT and switches to interactive mode so you can enter information directly in the main window where the text displays.

  3. DUATS shows the flight plan information and asks for a confirm cancellation.

  4. Enter Y if this is the flight plan you want to cancel.